Adjust for difficult auto focus conditions - EOS 7D Mark II

Article ID: ART168681 | Date published: 10/18/2017 | Date last updated: 11/24/2017


Learn about the conditions where auto focus may not be the best option as some subjects are more difficult to capture when you use auto focus. Includes recommendations.


Video - Auto focus cases in AI Servo mode

When Auto focus may fail

Auto focus can fail to work well under certain conditions
  • Low contrast subjects such as blue skies, solid-color flat surfaces, and so on. 
  • When there is very low light
  • Strongly backlit or reflective subjects such as glass, metal, and so on. 
  • Distinct near and distant subjects framed close to an Auto focus (AF) point such as a sports game inside a fence.
  • Dots of light framed close to an AF point like a nighttime cityscape.
  • Repetitive patterns such as architectural details.

Recommendations to regain focus

  • Recompose the shot to avoid the problem.
  • With One-Shot AF, you can use focus lock. Focus on an object at the same distance as the subject and press the shutter button halfway to lock the focus. Without releasing the shutter button, recompose the shot and then press the shutter button the rest of the way.
  • Switch the lens mode to <MF> and focus manually. 
    Lens mode switch

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