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Fax Troubleshooting


An Advanced receive mode setting [Manual/auto switch] will cause the fax machine to interrupt your phone conversation.

Manual/auto switch can be set to ON when you want the fax machine to answer phone calls when you are not home and you do not have an answering machine on the same phone line as your fax. This setting is OFF from the factory. When the setting is set to ON, you have to adjust the seconds before the fax will answer all phone calls. Fifteen seconds is the factory setting for RX start time when ON is selected.

It is recommended to set Manual/auto switch to OFF.  However, if you require this setting ON, please increase the RX start time to 36 seconds or more.  Thirty-six seconds will give you approximately six rings (six seconds per ring) before the fax answers all incoming phone calls.

To check Manual/auto switch setting is OFF or to increase the number of seconds (RX start time) before the fax answers your phone calls, please follow the instructions on this link.


Remote RX

If Manual/auto switch is set to OFF and the fax interrupts your phone conversations, Remote RX setting may cause the fax to interrupt your phone conversation when User-friendly reception is set to ON.

User-friendly reception should be set to ON in the following situations.

  • When the same phone line is used to record incoming voice messages on an answering machine that is connected with a phone cord to your fax machine.
    • To confirm if User-friendly reception is set ON, click here.
  • When the same phone line is used for phone calls and fax messages.
    • To confirm if User-friendly reception is set ON, click here.


By entering a two-digit code (the factory setting is 25), the Remote RX function will allow you to manually receive an incomiing fax from an extension telephone connected to your fax machine. When the Remote RX ID (code 25) is pressed on the extension phone, the fax machine will answer and the phone line will go silent. The party on the other end of your call will hear high-pitched fax tones.

If the fax does interrupt your phone conversations without you pressing the Remote RX ID code, change the code number. If changing the Remote RX ID does not stop the fax from interfering with phone conversations, set Remote RX to OFF.

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