Select document settings

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To specify the document size, color mode, and other settings, set the desired scan condition by editing the scan mode panel.


Select document settings

To specify the document size, color mode, and other settings, set the desired scan condition by editing the scan mode panel.


Creating new [Select document] panels
Click the [New document] button, and a [New document] panel will be added.

Click  to display the list of panel types. The selected type of the panel is created.


Edit [Select document] panel
The [Select document edit screen] opens when you click the [] button in the [Select document] panel.


Scan settings
Makes the scan settings.

[Color mode]
Select the color mode for scanning from below.

Detect automaticallyAutomatically determines the color mode based on the document content and scans accordingly
24-bit ColorScans the document in color.
24-bit Color (photograph)Scans the document in color using photo-compatible tones.
GrayscaleScans the document in Grayscale.
Grayscale (photograph)Scans the document in grayscale using photo-compatible tones.
Black and WhiteScans the document in black and white (binary).

[Page Size]
Select the paper size of the document to be scanned.
If you specify [Match original size], the page size of the scanned document is detected and the images are saved at the detected size.

[Dots per Inch]
Select the resolution.
Select [Detect automatically] and the software will automatically scan the document at the optimum resolution.

[Scanning Side]
Select the scanning side of the document.
If you select [Skip blank page], scanned images of blank pages are not saved.

[Automatically straightens skewed images]
If a document is not straight when fed, the scanner detects that the document is not straight from the scanned image and straightens the skewed image.
Select the setting from below.
[Straightens with angle of fed documents]
[Straightens with angle of contents of fed documents]

[Rotate image to match orientation of text]
Check [Enable] on to rotate the image in the same direction with the characters.

[Use advanced settings dialog box]
Document scan settings include basic items that are configured in [Scan settings], and the settings that are configured in the advance settings dialog box. The settings in the advanced settings dialog box are applied for settings other than the basic items.

Enable [Use advance settings dialog box] to implement advanced scanner settings other than the basic items using the advanced settings dialog box (scanner driver). To open the scanner driver, enable this item, and then click the [Settings] button.

The driver settings dialog box includes setting items that are same as the basic items in [Scanner setting], but the setting for each of them is stored separately.

 Which settings are used during scanning differs as follows depending on the setting of the [Use advanced settings dialog box] check box.

Setting of [Use advance settings dialog box]Basic ItemsOther than basic items
Settings of [Scanner setting]Settings of the advanced settings dialog box of the scanner driver
Settings of the advanced settings dialog box of the scanner driver.

For the advanced settings other than the basic items, see the help in the driver settings dialog box.

Set the following items as occasion demands.

Enter the name to be displayed in the select document panel.

You can change the select document icon displayed in the scan mode panel.
Enable [Chnage icon] to enable the [Settings] button and select the file. The file formats that can be selected as icon files are described below.

.ico, .exe, .jpg, .png

.icns, .app, .jpg, .png

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