Activating the Optional RC-V100 Remote Controller in the CamcorderÓ³ Menu (XF200 / XF205)

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Activating the Optional RC-V100 Remote Controller in the CamcorderÓ³ Menu (XF200 / XF205)


You can attach the optional RC-V100 Remote Controller to control the camcorder (including advanced recording functions) from a distance. In addition to turning the camcorder on and off and navigating the menus, while recording you can control various camera functions, such as aperture, shutter and zoom, and custom picture settings, like knee and sharpness.
The connection cable supplied with the RC-V100 is required to connect the RC-V100 to the camcorder's REMOTE terminal. For more detailed information on operations and making connections, please refer to the RC-V100 Remote Controller instruction manual.

Connecting RC-V100

1. Set the <POWER> switch to <OFF>.

2. Connect the RC-V100 to the camcorder.

: REMOTE terminal
: Connection cable (supplied with the RC-V100)

Activating the RC-V100

1. Hold down the button on the <POWER> switch and slide the switch to <CAMERA>.

2. Press <MENU> button.

3. Select [Other Functions] > [REMOTE Term.].
Push the joystick up/down to select the desired submenu then press <SET>.
: Joystick
: In the following procedures, 'Press <SET>' refers to the action of pressing the joystick straight down to select the desired setting.

4. Select [RC-V100] and then press <SET>.

5. Press the <MENU> button to close the menu.
  • The camcorders ND filter cannot be changed using the ND button on the remote controller.
  • When the camcorder is set to full auto mode, settings related to the aperture, gain, shutter speed and white balance (except for [R Gain] and [B Gain] in the custom picture's [White Balance] settings) cannot be changed using the remote controller.
  • Custom picture settings can be changed using the remote controller only when an appropriate custom picture file is selected.



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