Choosing Subjects to Focus On (Tracking AF) (PowerShot SX60 HS)

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Choosing Subjects to Focus On (Tracking AF) (PowerShot SX60 HS)


Choosing Subjects to Focus On (Tracking AF) (PowerShot SX60 HS)
  • [Servo AF] is set to [On] and cannot be changed.
  • Tracking may not be possible when subjects are too small or move too rapidly, or when subject color or brightness matches that of the background too closely.
  • [AF-Point Zoom] on the [ ] tab of the MENU is not available.
  • In the following example procedure, the camera's shooting mode has been set to [Program AE] ().
For a list of shooting modes in which Tracking AF is possible, please refer to the table at the end of the page.

1. Press the <Power> button to turn the camera on.

2. Press the <> button, choose [AF Frame] on the [Shooting] ( ]) tab, and then choose the [Tracking AF].
Then, press the <> button.

3. () is displayed in the center of the screen. Aim the camera so that () is on the desired subject, and then press the [AF frame selector] <> button.
- When the subject is detected, the camera beeps and () is displayed. Even if the subject moves, the camera will continue to track the subject within a certain range.
- If no subject is detected, () is displayed.

  • To cancel tracking, press the () [AF Frame Selector] <> button again.
  • The camera can detect subjects even if you press the shutter button halfway without pressing the < > button. After your shot, () is displayed in the center of the screen.
  • If [Face ID] is set to [On], names will not display when registered people are detected, but the names will be recorded in the still images. However, a name will display if the subject chosen to focus on is the same as a person detected with Face ID.

4. Press the shutter button halfway. () changes to a blue () which follows the subject as the camera continues to adjust the focus and exposure (Servo AF).
Press the shutter button all the way down to shoot.
- Even after your shot, () is still displayed and the camera continues to track the subject.

Tracking AF is possible in the following shooting modes:
Model Shooting modes in which Tracking AF is possible
PowerShot SX60 HS *1, *1, , , , , *2, , , , , , , , ,
*1 Options vary depending on the assigned shooting mode.
*2 Only available by pressing the [
] button.



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