Scanning with CaptureOnTouch Lite - Windows

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Follow these steps to scan using CaptureOnTouch Lite.


Scanning with CaptureOnTouch Lite - Windows

CaptureOnTouch Lite is a scanning application that comes pre-installed in the scanner. It can be used on a computer that does not have the scanner driver installed.
Click the Select document and Output panels, and then click the [Scan] button to scan the document. You can select the scan method according to the document type and purpose of use before scanning.

Scanning Procedure

1. Set the Auto Start switch at the rear panel of the scanner to ON and then connect the scanner to the computer.

2. Open the feed tray, turn ON the scanner, and then load the document.


When you open the feed tray, the Start button on the scanner lights and the auto play screen appears.

If you are using Windows XP and you set the Auto Start switch to ON before connecting the scanner to the computer, a message requesting that you restart your computer may appear when you turn ON the scanner. You can continue normal use even if you click [No] and do not restart the computer.

(1) Click [Open folder to view files].

Do not close the feed tray before the main screen of CaptureOnTouch Lite appears.

- The [AutoPlay] screen may not appear in some operating environments. In such cases, open the [ONTOUCHLITE] drive in Windows Explorer, for example, and start the application directly by double-clicking [ONTOUCHL.exe]. Depending on your operating system, the drive name may not be [ONTOUCHLITE]. Open the drive on which [ONTOUCHL.exe] is located, and start the application directly.
- Depending on your operating system, [CaptureOnTouch Lite] may appear in the [AutoPlay] screen. In such cases, double-click [CaptureOnTouch Lite] to start CaptureOnTouch Lite.

3. Double-click the [CaptureOnTouch Lite Launcher] icon.
    The selected [Select document] panel will be displayed in orange.

4. Click the output panel for the scan image application from [2 Output].

5. Click the [SCAN] button.
    The document is scanned. While scanning is in progress, the number of pages scanned is displayed in addition to the scanner settings.
    When the scan is finished, the [Scanned image preview screen] opens.

If you configure scanning conditions that consume a large amount of the computer's memory, scanning may stop because of insufficient memory. If an error message appears due to insufficient memory while scanning is in progress, stop scanning, change the scanning conditions, and then try scanning again.

If scanning continuously, set the next document, and click the [Scan more pages] button to start the document scan.

6. After confirming the scanned image, click the [Finish] button.
    Click the [ ] button to edit the output settings.
    Click the [Cancel] button to discard the scanned image and return to the main window.

7. When the output has finished, a popup window will be displayed. If saving the scanned image, a link to open the save destination folder will be displayed.

If you specify an output method other than Print or E-mail attachment, the [Open storage folder] button appears. This button opens the folder where the saved scanned images were saved.

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