How to Attach an External Microphone (XF200 / XF205)

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How to Attach an External Microphone (XF200 / XF205)


This section provides explanations for attaching an external microphone to the camcorder.
To each of the INPUT terminals you can attach commercially available microphones or analog line in sources with an XLR connector. To the MIC terminal you can attach commercially available condenser microphones with their own power supply, and a 3.5 mm stereo mini plug.

Attaching the Microphone Holder Unit

When using an external microphone, you can use the camcorders microphone holder.

Attaching an External Microphone

1. Loosen the microphone lock screw (), open the microphone holder and insert the microphone ().

2. Tighten the lock screw () and put the microphone cable through the microphone cable clamp under the microphone holder unit ().
3. Plug the microphone cable into the desired INPUT terminal () or the MIC terminal ().

Making Settings for Using a Microphone (XF200 / XF205)



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