Resolve Fax Reception Issues on a PIXMA MX472 / MX479 Printer

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Learn how to resolve issues that prevent receiving faxes on your PIXMA MX472 / MX479 printer.



Refer to the table below to identify and resolve your fax reception issue.
Cause Action
Can't receive or print a fax
  • Make sure the power is on.

  • Make sure the machine's memory isn't full. Print any received faxes and delete them from memory.

  • Check for error messages. For help, see a message displays on the LCD or a support code displays.

  • Print the activity report and check for errors.

  • Make sure the telephone line cable is connected to the external device jack on the back of the printer.

  • If you load a different size paper from the size you select for printing faxes, faxes won't print and will store in the machine's memory. Load the same size paper, then press the OK button.

  • If the page size is set to something other than A4, Letter, LTR, or Legal, the fax won't print and will store in the machine's memory. Set the the correct page. Some page sizes aren't available in some countries.

  • Make sure the Media Type is set to Plain Paper.

  • If the paper isn't loaded, faxes won't print and will store in the machine's memory. Load paper, then tap OK.

  • If there isn't enough ink to print faxes, they won't print and will store in the machine's memory. Replace the ink cartridge, then print the faxes in the machine's memory. See document stored in machine's memory for more information.

  • Check the receive mode setting and make sure it's set to the correct one for your connection.

  • Go to Fax Settings Security Control, and make sure FAX RX Reject is set to Off.

  • If you select Reject for any items in Caller rejection in Security control under Fax settings, the machine rejects those items.

Machine doesn't switch  between voice and fax calls
  • If you select Fax only mode for Receive mode under FAX menu, the machine won't automatically switch between voice and fax calls.

  • Set the receive mode to TEL priority mode, DRPD*, or Network switch**.

  • If the receive mode is TEL priority mode and you connect an answering machine to the fax machine, make sure a proper message plays when the answering machine connects.

*DRPD is only available in the US and Canada. 
**Network switch may not be available depending on the country or region of purchase.
Quality of received fax is poor
  • Ask the sender to adjust the scan settings of their fax machine.

  • Go to Fax Settings Adv. FAX settings > Adv. communication, and make sure ECM RX is set to On. If ECM RX is enabled, the sender's fax machine resends the fax after automatically correcting errors.

  • The image quality of the fax is mainly determined by the sender's fax machine. Contact the sender and ask if they will check to see if the scanning area of the fax machine is dirty.

  • If ECM RX is On, contact the sender and ask them to set the machine to enable ECM transmission. If their machine isn't compatible with ECM, the fax will be sent/received without automatic error correction.

  • Reduce the reception start speed on RX start speed in Adv. communication in Adv. FAX settings under Fax settings.

  • Confirm the paper and print quality settings.

Can't receive a color fax
  • If ECM RX is Off,  the machine can't receive color faxes. The machine will disconnect the telephone line or receive color faxes in black & white according to the setting of the sender's fax machine. Set ECM RX to On.
Errors often occur when you receive a fax
  • If the telephone line or connection is poor, reduce the reception start speed on RX start speed in Adv. communication in Adv. FAX settings under Fax settings.

  • Contact the sender and ask them to check to be sure their fax machine is operates normally.



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