Connect to Wi-Fi From the Printer Panel - PIXMA MX Series

Article ID: ART117246 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 02/25/2020


Learn how connect your PIXMA MX432, MX439, MX452 or MX459 to a wireless network (LAN) from the printer's operation panel.


Follow these steps to connect to a wireless network:

  1. Press the Setup Setup button: Pliers and screwdriver button to open the Setup menu.

  2. Use the left and right arrows to select Device settings, then press OK.

  3. Use the left / right arrows to select LAN settings, then press OK.

  4. WLAN activ./inactiv. appears on the display. Press OK.

  5. Use the left / right arrows to select Wireless LAN active, then press OK.

  6. Wireless LAN setup appears on the display. Press OK.

  7. The printer searches for a network/router to connect to. When Standard setup appears on the display, press OK.
    Note If a message asks you to press the WPS button on the access point (network/router), press Stop to bypass the message. Then select Standard setup, and press OK.

  8. The printer searches again. When Select access point appears, use the left and right arrows to locate the access point (network/router) to connect to. Press OK twice.

  9. If the network has a passphrase (security key), a prompt will appear asking you to enter it.

    Enter passphrase screen: lowercase letters

    To enter the passphrase, use the numeric keypad to the right of the display:

    •  To enter a letter, press a keypad number until the letter appears. For example: To enter a c, press the number 2 three times.

    • To enter a symbol, press the Symbols Symbols key: Pound sign key until the desired symbol displays.

    • The printer assumes you want to enter lower case letters. To switch to upper case letters or numbers, press the Tone Tone key: Star symbol key one or more times. With each press, the printer displays a different character to the right of Enter passphrase as shown:

      Enter passphrase screen: lowercase letters  Enter passphrase screen: uppercase letters   Enter passphrase screen: numbers
    • To delete a character, press the Left arrow to move the cursor underneath the character you want to delete, then, press the Back Back button: Curved back arrow button. Enter in the correct character, then press the Right arrow to move the cursor back to the end of the passphrase. Continue to enter the passphrase, then press OK when it's complete.

  10. The printer attempts to connect to the wireless LAN.

    Connected: Printer successfully connected to wireless network
  11. When Connected Press OK appears, press OK. A message displays if the printer fails to connect. In this case, press OK and make changes to the passphrase, then OK again to connect to the access point.

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