Can a lens filter be used with the camera? (PowerShot SX60 HS)

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Can a lens filter be used with the camera? (PowerShot SX60 HS)


A lens filter (sold separately) can be used with the camera.*
*In order to use lens filters, the Filter Adapter FA-DC67A (sold separately) must be attached to the camera.
Filter Adapter [FA-DC67A]

Adapter required when mounting a 67 mm filter.
Canon Lens Filter (67 mm dia.)

Protects the lens and enables a variety of shooting effects.

  • Camera accessories are sold separately. Note that availability varies by area, and some accessories may no longer be available.
  • A lens filter and lens cap cannot be attached to the camera at the same time.

Using Lens Filters (Sold Separately)

Attaching a lens filter to the camera protects the lens and allows you to shoot with various effects. To attach a lens filter, you will need Filter Adapter FA-DC67A (sold separately).
  • We recommend the use of genuine Canon filters (67 mm dia.).
  • When not using auto focus to shoot, set the manual focus option [Safety MF] to [On].
  • If you use the built-in flash with the filter adapter attached, portions of the image may appear darker.
  • When using the filter adapter, be sure to use only one filter at a time. Attaching multiple filters, or accessories such as a heavy lens, may cause the attachments to fall off and become damaged.
  • Do not grip the filter adapter tightly.
  • Remove the filter adapter when not using a filter.

1. Make sure the camera is off.

2. Align the notches on the camera and the filter adapter and turn the adapter in the direction of the arrow until locked.
  • To remove the filter adapter, turn it in the opposite direction.

3. Turn the filter in the direction of the arrow to attach it to the camera.
  • Make sure not to attach the filter too tightly. Doing so could prevent removal of the filter and damage the camera.

  • The filter adapter and a lens hood cannot be attached to the camera at the same time.



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