Images are blurry or not in focus
Article ID: ART117349 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Images are blurry or not in focus


When an image is blurry or cannot be brought into focus during shooting, please confirm the following.

1. Holding the Camera

You can prevent camera shake by holding the camera firmly.
Keep your arms tight against your body while holding the camera firmly by the sides. Be sure that your fingers do not block the <flash>.

2. When the Camera Shake Icon Appears

When you press the <Shutter Button> halfway in low light conditions where camera shake is likely, a flashing () will appear.

  • Set the [IS mode] to [Continuous].
Press the [ ] button and choose the [Shooting] () tab.
Press the [ ], [ ] buttons to choose [IS Settings], and then press the [ ], [ ] buttons to choose [Continuous] for the [IS Mode].

  • Set the flash to [On] ().
Press the <Flash> () button, press the [ ], [ ] buttons to choose [On] (), and then press the <FUNC./SET> () button.

  • Increase the [ISO speed].
Press the <FUNC./SET> () button, choose [ ] from the menu, and then choose the desired ISO setting.

  • To set the [ISO Speed], it is necessary to set the [Shooting Mode] to one of the following modes.
- [Program AE] (), [Long Shutter] ()

  • Attach the camera to a tripod.
Additionally, you should set the [IS Mode] to [Off] when shooting with a tripod.

3. Image is blurred

  • Press the <Shutter Button> halfway to focus on the subject, then press fully to shoot.
Half-press the <Shutter Button> (press lightly to focus), and then press it fully (without releasing the <Shutter Button>, press it all the way down).

  • Shoot the subject within the focusing distance.
Shooting distance for individual Focusing Ranges
ModelFocusing RangeMaximum Wide Angle ( )Maximum Telephoto ( )
PowerShot ELPH 150 IS / IXUS 155
PowerShot ELPH170 IS / IXUS170
5 cm (2.0 in.) infinity1 m (3.3 ft.) infinity
*1 50 cm
(0.4 in. 1.6 ft.)
*3 m (9.8 ft.) infinity3 m (9.8 ft.) infinity
PowerShot ELPH 140 IS / IXUS 150
5 cm (2.0 in.) infinity1.3 m (4.3 ft.) infinity
*1 50 cm
(0.4 in. 1.6 ft.)
*3 m (9.8 ft.) infinity3 m (9.8 ft.) infinity
*Not available in some shooting modes.

  • Set [Lamp Setting] to [On].
Press the [ ] button, choose [Lamp Setting] on the [Shooting] [ ] tab, and then choose [On]

  • Confirm that functions which you do not intend to use (macro, etc.) are not set.
Press the <FUNC./SET> () button, choose [ ], and then choose a suitable [Focusing Range].

  • Shoot using the focus lock or AF lock.
- Focus Lock
Aim the camera to capture the subject in an AF frame, and then hold the shutter button halfway down. As you continue to hold the shutter button halfway, recompose the shot as desired, and then press the shutter button all the way down

- AF Lock
The focus can be locked. After you lock the focus, the focal position will not change even when you release your finger from the shutter button.
With the <Shutter Button> pressed halfway, press the [ ] button.
The focus is fixed and () appears. Compose the shot and shoot.

4. The AF frame does not appear, and the camera does not focus

If you center on the light and dark contrasting area of the subject and push the <Shutter Button> halfway, or repeatedly push the <Shutter Button> halfway, the [AF frame] will appear and the camera will focus.

The camera may not be able to focus in some conditions.