Adjusting the Vacuum Strength (iPF680/iPF685/iPF780/iPF785/iPF670/iPF770)

Article ID: ART117428 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Adjusting the Vacuum Strength (iPF680/iPF685/iPF780/iPF785/iPF670/iPF770)


When printing on heavyweight paper or paper that curls or wrinkles easily, if the Printhead rubs against paper, adjusting the level of suction against paper on the Platen may improve results.
  • Paper rubbing against or becoming caught on the Printhead may jam or result in printed documents that are soiled.

1. On the [Tab Selection screen] of the Control Panel, press or to select the Paper tab ().

  • If the [Tab Selection] screen is not displayed, press the [Menu] button.

2. Press the [OK] button.
The [Paper Menu] is displayed.

3. Press or to select [Paper Details], and then press the [OK] button.

4. Press or to select the type of paper, and then press the [OK] button.
  • When [VacuumStrngth] is set to [Automatic], the setting value selected for the previous print job is displayed (to the right of [Automatic]) once you select the type of paper currently supplied. However, the value is cleared when the printer is turned off or the paper is replaced.

5. Press or to select [VacuumStrngth], and then press the [OK] button.

6. Press or to select the desired setting value, and then press the [OK] button.



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