Setting Continuous Shooting

Article ID: ART117509 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Setting Continuous Shooting


You can hold the shutter button all the way down to shoot continuously.
  • Cannot be used with the self-timer.
  • Shooting may stop momentarily or continuous shooting may slow down depending on shooting conditions, camera settings, and the zoom position.
  • As more shots are taken, shooting may slow down.
  • Shooting may slow down if the flash fires.
For details on continuous shooting speeds, please see table at the end of this section.

1. Press the <Power> button.

2. Press the <FUNC./SET> () button, choose [Drive mode] in the menu, and then choose ().

3. The following screen appears.

If the [Continuous] () icon is displayed on the upper-left part of the screen, the setting is completed.
As long as you hold the <Shutter button> down, the camera will shoot successive images.

For details on continuous shooting speeds, please see the table below.
Models Shooting Modes Maximum Speed (Approx. Images/sec.)
IXUS 165
PowerShot ELPH 160 / IXUS 160
PowerShot ELPH 170 IS / IXUS 170
, 0.8
Low Light 2.2



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