Tips on preventing ripples, waves or the moire effect.

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Tips on preventing ripples, waves or the moire effect.


Explanation of moire, ripples or waves in the images and tips on prevention.

The moire effect.

What is the moire effect?

When you are shooting a subject that has fine regular pattern such as stripes or plaids, a ripple that does not exist on the subject sometimes will appear on the image. An example is below:

The image on the right above shows a plaid shirt (the same shirt as the photo on the left) taken from a short distance away. In this image, you can see the ripples that are not visible in the one on the left. This is called the moire effect.

Preventing the moire effect

You can prevent the moire effect by changing the distance from the subject, zoom magnification, or camera angle. Change the distance or the camera settings while shooting the subject several times for a better effect.

Please note that even if you find a moire effect in the image displayed on the camera's LCD monitor, this effect does not necessarily appear in the photos you have taken.



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