Cropping Photos in Easy-PhotoPrint EX

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Cropping Photos in Easy-PhotoPrint EX


Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Cropping Photos (Photo Print)

Cropping a photo is the act of removing the unnecessary portions of the photo by selecting the necessary portions.

Click the figure: Crop Image button (Crop Image) button on the Layout/Print screen.

Move the white frame to the portion to print and click OK.

figure: Crop dialog box


To move the cropping area, place the mouse pointer within the white frame and drag it. Drag the white lines to adjust the cropping area.

Check The Rule of Thirds to display white broken lines. To create a balanced composition, drag any of the intersecting points (white squares) or white broken lines over the main subject of the photo.

The cropping effect applies only to the print result. The original image will not be cropped.

See the following section for details.
Crop Dialog Box

Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Crop Dialog Box

You can crop the image in this dialog box.

To display the Crop dialog box, click the figure: Crop Image button (Crop Image) button on the Layout/Print screen in Photo Print.

figure: Crop dialog box

1 Solid white line (Cropping area) Represents the cropping area.
Pointing the mouse cursor inside the cropping area and dragging it allows you to move the cropping area.
Dragging any of the rectangles or corners on the cropping area allows you to adjust the size of the cropping area.
2 Broken white line (The Rule of Thirds) Represents the Rule of Thirds.
Place the mouse pointer on a white frame displayed at the intersections of broken white lines and drag it to move the cropping area. Place the background and the main object along the broken white lines or at the intersections to create a balanced image.
3 Solid red line Represents the printing area for borderless printing
4 The Rule of Thirds Set whether or not to display the Rule of Thirds.
To display the Rule of Thirds, check The Rule of Thirds.
5 Crop Set whether or not to crop the image.
Uncheck Crop if you do not want to crop the image. In this case, the cropping area and the Rule of Thirds do not appear. The margins of the image are always cropped when you select a layout without margins. In this case, you cannot uncheck Crop.



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