Selecting the paper in Easy-PhotoPrint EX
Article ID: ART118405 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Selecting the paper in Easy-PhotoPrint EX


Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Selecting the Paper


1Click the Select Paper button.

The Select Paper screen appears.

figure: Select Paper screen

2Set the following items according to the printer and paper to be used:


Paper Size

Media Type

Paper Source


You need to set the cartridge depending on the printer.

The paper sizes and media types may vary depending on the printer.

The paper sources may vary depending on the printer and the media type.

If a duplex-compatible paper is selected, such as Photo Paper Plus Double Sided, the printer will be set to the duplex printing mode automatically.


See the following sections for details about the Select Paper screen.
Select Paper Screen


If you are not satisfied with the print quality when Photo Paper Pro is selected for Media Type, selecting Photo Paper Plus Glossy or selecting the Print with the best quality when you select [Quality Priority] check box by clicking the Option... button in the Preferences dialog box may contribute to the improvement in the print quality.
Preferences Dialog Box

When Fine Art Photo Rag is selected for Media Type, a 35 mm margin is automatically left at the top and bottom of the paper.
It is recommended that you check the print range with the image shown in Preview before printing.

Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Select Paper Screen

You can select the printer, paper size and type of paper you want to use in this screen.

figure: Select Paper screen

1 Printer The printer models are listed.
You can specify a printer you want to use.
Click the figure: Drop-down arrow of Printer to display Easy-PhotoPrint EX compatible inkjet printer models in your system on the drop-down list.


Select Cartridge if the selected printer has replaceable ink cartridges.

2 Paper Source Paper source is selectable depending on your printer model.
Refer to the instruction manual of the printer for details.
3 Vivid Photo Vivid Photo appears if the selected printer supports the Vivid Photo function. Check Vivid Photo to print the selected image in more vivid, natural colors.
4 Photo Noise Reduction Check Photo Noise Reduction to reduce noise in images recorded with a digital camera and print them in much better quality. Select Normal under normal circumstances. If you still have trouble with the noise, select Strong.
5 Paper Size Available paper sizes appear in this area.
6 Media Type Available media types appear in this area.

Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Preference Dialog Box

You can specify the settings for Photo Print in this dialog box.

To display the Preferences dialog box, select Preferences... from the File menu.

The following settings are only available in the Photo Print mode.

Print tab

figure: Print tab of the Preferences dialog box

1 Spool print job page by page Allows you to specify whether or not to spool a print job page by page. Check to spool the job page by page.
2 Number of copies Set the number of copies to be printed in the range of 1 to 999.
3 Printing Order Specify print order of images. Select By Date to print in chronological order by the date the photo was taken. Select By Name to print in alphabetical order by the file name. Select By Selection to print in the order of selection from the Image Selection screen.
4 Amount of extension of borderless printing Specify the amount of extension for borderless printing among Default, Large, Medium, Small, and None.
5 Print Quality Select print quality from Default and Quality Priority. Images are printed with high quality but a little slowly if Quality Priority is selected.
Selecting either option may result in the same print quality depending on the combinations of the settings.
6 Option... button Displays the Print Quality Options dialog box to set Print Quality.
figure: Print Quality Options dialog box
The Option... button does not appear depending on the printer.
Print with the best quality when you select [Quality Priority] Check this check box to print with the best quality when Quality Priority is selected for Print Quality.
7 Defaults button Return the setting to the default value.

Advanced tab

figure: Advanced tab of the Preferences dialog box

1 Image Color correction for printing Enable Auto Image Fix Optimize images based on Exif information when printing. If Exif information is not stored with the image, color tones of the photo imported from digital cameras or scanners will be corrected.
None Select this when you want to print images without color correction.
Enable ICC Profile You can select from the following two options:
Perceptual: Select this when you want to print photos using color tones that people favor.
Relative Colorimetric: Select this when you want to print in colors that are close to the original image.
2 Apply Rotate/Crop to the same images in the same manner Check this check box if you want to apply the rotation and cropping effect you specified for an image to all copies when you print more than one copy of the image.
3 When landscape images are rotated depending on the selected layout When you select a portrait layout, such as Borderless (x2) and Bordered (half) for a landscape image, select a desired rotation.

Layouts requires the image to be rotated:
Borderless (x2) Bordered(half)
Rotate to the left
Original image
Rotate to the right

Portrait images rotate opposite to the selected direction.
4 Layout Always crop images when selecting a layout with margins Set whether or not to always crop images when you select a layout with margins. The image is always cropped when Borderless Layout is selected.
5 Set margins to the minimum when you select the layout with the margins Set whether or not to print the portion exceeding the recommended printing area. Uncheck this checkbox to print within the recommended printing area. Check this checkbox to print the portion exceeding the recommended printing area.
The image may be printed improperly in the margins of the paper if the printer, paper size or media type does not support borderless printing.
6 Print filename when you select the index in layout Select whether or not to print the filename under each image in an index print.
7 Preview all layouts of A4 and Letter On the Layout/Print screen, set whether or not to preview all layouts of A4 and Letter. Uncheck this checkbox to display a part of layouts in Others. To view some hidden parts at a time right-click Others.
8 Defaults button Return the setting to the default value.