Initializing the HG10's hard disk drive

Article ID: ART118503 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Initializing the HG10's hard disk drive


Initializing the Hard Disk

Initializing erases all movies on the hard disk, allowing you free up space for more recordings. In addition, it reduces hard disk fragmentation, which may reduce performance and occurs as movies are recorded and deleted over time.

If the camcorders hard disk is initialized using a computer the camcorder will be unable to record and may display the [USE THE CAMCORDER TO INITIALIZE THE HARD DISK] message until the hard disk is initialized again by using the camcorders initialization procedure detailed below.

To initialize the hard disk follow the procedure detailed below.

**Close the menu only after the screen display returns to the [HDD OPERATIONS] menu.

  • Initializing the hard disk will permanently erase all recordings. The lost original recordings cannot be recovered. Make sure you back up important recordings in advance using an external device.
  • While initializing, do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.
  • Do not use your computer to initialize the camcorder's hard disk. Doing so will result in the camcorder ceasing to function properly.



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