Procedure for attaching a sound memo using the PowerShot SX100 IS.

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Procedure for attaching a sound memo using the PowerShot SX100 IS.


Attaching Sound Memos to Images

In replay mode (including single replay, index replay and magnifying replay) you can attach sound memos (up to 60 seconds) to an image. The sound data is saved in WAVE format.

1. While in the [(Replay)] mode press the <MENU> button, select [(Sound Memo)], and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

2. Select the image to which you wish to add a sound memo using the or button, then press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The sound memo control panel will display.

3. Select [(Record)] using the or button, then press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The recording starts and the elapsed time is displayed. Speak towards the microphone of the camera.
  • To stop recording, press the <FUNC./SET> button. To restart recording press the <FUNC./SET> button again.
  • You can add as many sound memos as you like until their total time reaches 60 seconds.
  • To return to the previous screen, select (Exit) and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

Exiting Sound Memos

Press the <MENU> button.

Playing back the Sound memos

Select [] in step 3 above. Images with sound memos are displayed with the mark (simple display or detailed display). To start playback, press the <FUNC./SET> button. To stop playback, press the <FUNC./SET> button again. You can adjust the volume using the or button.

Erasing the Sound Memos

Select [(Erase)] in step 3.

Ending the Sound Memos Settings

Press the <MENU> button in step 3.

  • You cannot attach sound memos to movies.
  • The "Memory card full" message will display when the memory card is full and you will be unable to record sound memos to that card.
  • You cannot record or playback sound notes for images that already have an incompatible sound file attached. If you attempt to record or play such images the 'Incompatible Wave format' message will display. Incompatible sound files can be deleted with this camera.
  • Sound memos for protected images cannot be erased.

The volume can be adjusted in the Setup menu.



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