480EG Speedlite : Accessories that are available for this unit.

Article ID: ART118560 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 11/21/2017


Accessories that are available for this unit


The Speedlite 480EG requires an external battery pack, which must be purchased separately. Canon recommends the Transistor Pack E. Canon does not recommend the use of the Compact Battery Pack E with the Speedlite 480EG due to insufficient capacity.

This pack can use either Battery Pack TP or NiCd Pack TP

(1) Batter Packt TP (accepts 6 C-size alkaline batteries)

(2) Ni-Cd Pack TP (Sealed rechargeable Ni-Cd Pack. Requires Ni-Cd Charger TP)

Canon receiver Unit E

Use the Canon receiver Unit E for multiple flash photography



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