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Loading Paper

You can load paper in the Cassette and the Rear Tray.

How to load paper in the Rear Tray

1. Fan paper and align four corners.

2. When loading paper, follow the instruction below carefully.

<1> Open the rear tray and pull out the paper support.

<2> Set paper, aligning the right edge of the paper to the cover guide with the paper's print side facing up.

Note: Make sure to load the paper so that the short edge goes into the printer. Setting Credit Card sized paper long-side down by mistake may cause paper jam.

<3> Pinch and slide the paper guide to the paper's left side.

<4> Press the open button.

<5> Pull out the Output Tray Extension.

<6> Ensure that the Power lamp and the Rear Tray lamp light.

Note: If the Cassette lamp lights, press the Paper Feed switch to light the Rear Tray lamp.
If the Rear Tray lamp does not light even after pressing the Paper Feed switch, Paper Source in the printer driver may be set to the setting other than Paper Feed Switch.

3. When loading envelopes, be sure the flap is closed and to the left with the non-flap side of the envelope facing up.

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How to load paper in the Cassette


  • Ensure that the paper is loadable in the Cassette. Legal-sized and 2.13" x 3.39" / 54.0 x 86.0 mm size paper, and Photo Stickers PS-101 are not loadable in the Cassette.

  • Cutting plain paper to 4" x 6" / 101.6 x 152.4 mm or 5" x 7" / 127.0 x 177.8 mm size for a trial printing can cause paper jams.
  • Always load paper in portrait orientation. Loading paper in landscape orientation can cause paper jams.

1. Flatten the four corners of the paper before loading it.

Note: Before loading paper, be sure to flatten its four corners. Otherwise, the paper may jam. When paper is curled, hold the opposing curled corners and gently bend them in the opposite direction until the paper becomes completely flat.

2. Prepare to load paper.

3. Adjust the size of the Cassette.

When loading A5- or larger sized paper (nonstandard-size paper: 203 mm / 8 inches or more in length), extend the Cassette

When loading 5" x 7"- or smaller sized paper (nonstandard-size paper: less than 203 mm / 8 inches in length), do not extend the Cassette.

Note: Legal-sized and 2.13" x 3.39"/ 54.0 x 86.0 mm size paper, and Photo Stickers PS-101 are not loadable in the Cassette.

4. Load the paper. (Print side facing DOWN)

*1 Load Limit Mark: Do not load beyond this Load Limit Mark.

(1) Load the paper into the Cassette with the print side facing DOWN.

(2) Align the paper stack against the right side of the Cassette.

(3) Slide the paper guides to fit the loaded paper stack.

Note: You can use general copy paper or Canon's Super White Paper SW-201. You can load up to 150 sheets of plain paper (64 gsm/17 lb) in the Cassette. However, do not stack more than 50 sheets in the Paper Output Tray.

5. Insert the Cassette into the printer.

(1) Set the Cover on the Cassette.

(2) Insert the Cassette into the printer. Push the Cassette all the way into the printer. Once extended to load paper of A5 or larger sizes, the Cassette does not fit in the printer body as shown above.

6. Prepare the Paper Output Tray.

(1) Open the Paper Output Tray.

Put your fingers in the notches in either side of the Paper Output Tray and pull down to open it. Pull out the Paper Output Tray Extension completely.

Note: When closing the Paper Output Tray Extension after printing, lift it up slightly.

(2) Press the Paper Feed Switch so that the Cassette lamp lights.

Note: Do not touch the printed surfaces until the ink dries. For specific drying times, refer to the instructions packaged with your media. You can also select the paper source with the printer driver.

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