EOS Rebel T2 : How to operate in full auto mode.

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How to operate in full auto mode.


All you do is point the camera and press the shutter button. Everything is automatic so it is easy to photograph any subject. With seven AF points to focus the subject, anyone can just point and shoot.

1. Turn the Mode dial to <>.
2. Aim any of the AF points on the subject.
  • The main subject, as determined by the camera, will be focused by one of the AF points.
3. Focus the subject.
  • Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
  • When focus is achieved, the dot <> inside the active AF point will flash in red, the beeper will sound, and the focus confirmation light <> on the bottom right of the viewfinder will light.
4. Check the exposure setting.
  • The shutter speed and aperture value will be set automatically and displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel.
5. Shoot.
  • Compose the shot and press the shutter button fully.
  • The captured image will be displayed for about 2 sec. on the LCD monitor ().

  • While focusing with <AF>, do not touch the focusing ring at the front of the lens.
  • If you want to zoom, do it before focusing. Turning the zoom ring after achieving focus may throw off the focus.
  • When the CF card becomes full, the CF Full warning "" will appear on the LCD panel and shooting will be disabled. Replace the CF card with one that is not full.
  • If something obstructed the built-in flash from popping up, <> will blink on the LCD panel. Fix this by setting the power switch to off and on.
  • Using a non-Canon EF lens with an EOS camera may not result in proper camera or lens operation.

  • When focus is achieved, the autofocus and auto exposure setting will also be locked.
  • If the focus confirmation light <> blinks, the picture cannot be taken.
  • Out of the seven AF points, the one covering the closest subject is selected automatically to achieve focus.
  • The dot in multiple AF points may flash in red. This indicates that focus has been achieved by all those AF points.
  • In the Basic Zone modes (except <>, <> and <>) the built-in flash will pop up and fire automatically in low-light or backlit conditions. To retract the flash, push it back down.
  • The focus-confirmation beeper can be silenced with the menu's [Beep] setting ().



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