Using the VIXIA HG, HF, and XA series camcorders with iMovie 08

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Using the VIXIA HG, HF, and XA series camcorders with iMovie 08


Using the Canon VIXIA HG and HF series Camcorders With iMovie 08


  1. Only Intel processor Macs can capture and edit AVCHD footage.
  2. Please update your Mac before you start. Click the 'Apple' in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click 'Software Update' to update the Mac OS and iMovie 08.
    - The current versions as of Oct, 2007 are:
    Mac OS X: 10.4.10
    iMovie '08: no specific version number listed
  3. The VIXIA AVCHD based camcorders are compatible with Leopard (OS 10.5).


The camcorder must be in video playback mode and must be connected to the power supply. Attach the VIXIA AVCHD Camcorder to the computer using the supplied USB connector.

The camcorder appears on the desk top as an external hard drive named "CANON_HDD".
- The HF10, HF11, HF20, HG20, and HG21 will be displayed as two CANON_HDD's if a memory card is loaded.

Open iMovie.

iMovie automatically detects the camera, opens the import window, and generates thumbnails for all clips on the hard drive or memory.

If the Import menu is set to automatic the only import option available is Import All.

If the menu is set to Manual instead of Automatic

Then you have the option to Import All if all of the clips are checked (default),

Import Checked when certain clips have been unchecked,

Or import single selected clips when all have been unchecked.

When you click on the import button iMovie will ask for a location to store the clips (referred to as an "Event"). You will also need to select a resolution at which to import the clip. When you have made the selections click OK.

A recording window will appear at the bottom of the screen, showing the number of the clip being recorded and the total number of clips.

When your clips are finished recording, click OK to close the prompt window.

In the Event Library select Last Import. Your clips will appear in the bin.

You are now ready to edit your footage.



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