Microsoft Windows XP compatibility information for supported Canon digital cameras

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Microsoft Windows XP compatibility information for supported Canon digital cameras


This model is supported for direct connection downloads using the drivers built into Windows XP

Canon has completed initial testing of PowerShot and EOS Digital SLR cameras and has found that all camera models that support PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) may be used with Windows XP as is. No additional drivers are needed to download images using the applications built into Windows XP. For remote shooting or custom camera settings, additional drivers and/or software may be required. To view the available Windows XP compatible applications and drivers please visit the website listed below.
Note: For the PowerShot SD430 wireless communication requires Windows XP Service Pack 2 and requires the most current version of ZoomBrowser to operate when Internet Explorer 7 is installed.

If your camera shipped with ZoomBrowser 3.x or earlier, it is recommended that you update to ZoomBrowser 4.x or later. To download the most recent software versions please visit the Canon Download Library and select your model. From your models page select the Drivers / Software link to open a new window which will detail the available drivers as well as the software applications for your product using the operating systems supported by Canon.

Most Canon digital cameras support PTP and will allow direct communication using applications built into the operating system. For earlier cameras that are not PTP compatible the download of a WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) driver that can be found by visiting the Canon Download Library. You may also be able to copy the image files onto your computer by removing the memory card from the camera and inserting the card into a memory card reader that is compatible with your operating system and then opening those images in your choice of image editing/viewing applications.

The following Canon digital camera models are not PTP compatible and will require a Windows XP WIA driver.

PowerShot 350*

PowerShot 600*

PowerShot A5*

PowerShot A5 Zoom*

PowerShot A50*

PowerShot S10

PowerShot S100

PowerShot S110

PowerShot S20

PowerShot S200

PowerShot S230**

PowerShot S30

PowerShot S300

PowerShot S330

PowerShot S40

PowerShot S45**

PowerShot A10

PowerShot A100

PowerShot A20

PowerShot A200

PowerShot A30

PowerShot A300

PowerShot A40

PowerShot G1

PowerShot G2

PowerShot G3**

PowerShot Pro70

PowerShot Pro90IS






* These cameras are not compatible with Windows XP.

**These models offer a manually selectable PTP mode which can be used in place od a WIA driver.



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