Using the VIXIA HG, HF, and XA series camcorders with Final Cut Studio 2

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Using the VIXIA HG, HF, and XA series camcorders with Final Cut Studio 2


Using the Canon VIXIA HG and HF series Camcorders with Final Cut Studio 2


  1. Only Intel processor Macs can capture and edit AVCHD footage.
  2. Please update your Mac before you start. Click the 'Apple' in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click 'Software Update' to update the Mac OS and Final Cut Studio 2.
    - The current versions as of Oct, 2007 are:
    Mac OS X: 10.4.10
    Final Cut Pro: 6.0.1
  3. These models are compatible with Leopard (the new OS from Apple).


The camcorder must be in video playback mode and must be connected to the power supply. Attach the VIXIA AVCHD Camcorder to the computer using the supplied USB connector.

The camcorder appears on the desk top as an external hard drive named "CANON_HDD".
- The HF10, HF11, HG20, and HG21 will be listed as two CANON_HDD's if a memory card is loaded.

Open Final Cut Studio and create a new project.

From the File menu select Log and Transfer.

In the Log and Transfer window select CANON_HDD.

Toggle down the settings menu and select preferences.

In the Import Preferences window, under source, select AVCHD Plugin > AVCHD. Under Transcode select Apple Intermediate Codec. Click OK

At this point you can log clips the same way that you would if you were capturing them from tape. After entering the logging information, click Add Clip to Queue. FCS will automatically begin to transcoding the clip and it will show up in the project bin.


At this point you can select clips and click Add Selection to Queue,

or simply drag clips into the queue where it says "Drag media here." Either way the media will be automatically transcoded and sent to the project bin.

You are now ready to edit your footage.



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