How to set the paper to front (iPF5100)

Article ID: ART119060 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to set the paper to front (iPF5100)

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Press Feeder Selection to activate the Paper Tray lamp.
  3. Change the media type setting to POP Board .
  4. Check the space behind the printer when Chk Back Space is displayed, and then press the OK button.
  5. After the Open Upper Cover is displayed, open the Top Cover
  6. Insert the paper in the Front Paper Feed Slot with the printing side face-up.
  7. As you look in the Top Cover , align the right edge of the paper with the left edge of the Paper Alignment Line (a) on the glay parts.
    Insert the leading edge of the paper between the Platen and Paper Retainer (b), keeping it parallel to the Paper Retainer (b), and align the paper with the Paper Alignment Line (c) of the Output Tray .
  8. Close the Top Cover and press the OK button.
  9. Pull out the Output Tray Extension .



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