Loading and Printing on Sheets (iPF9000S/iPF9100)

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Loading and Printing on Sheets (iPF9000S/iPF9100)

These are the basic steps for loading sheets and then printing.
Follow the steps below to load and print on sheets.

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Remove any loaded paper that will not be used.
    (1) Press the Load/Eject button.
    A confirmation message is displayed regarding removal of the roll.

    (2) Press the OK button.
    The roll can now be removed.

    (3) Open the Top Cover and lift the Ejection Guide .

    (4) Using hands, rotate the Roll Holder in the direction of the arrow to rewind the roll.

    (5) Remove the Roll Holder from the Roll Holder Slot .

    (6) Lower the Ejection Guide and close the Top Cover .

    (1) Press the Load/Eject button.

    (2) Press the OK button to eject the paper.
    The paper is ejected from the front of the printer.

    (3) Open the Top Cover , lift the Release Lever , and remove the paper.

    (4) Lower the Release Lever and close the Top Cover .
  3. Complete settings in the printer driver for the type of paper and other details.
  4. Send the print job.
  5. Lift the Release Lever and open the Top Cover .
  6. With a sheet lengthwise and printing-side up, insert it between the Platen (a) and the Paper Retainer (b). Align the edges of the sheet as follows.
    (1) Align the sheet with the Paper Alignment Line (c) at right.
    (2) Align the inserted edge of the sheet with the leading edge of the Paper Alignment Line (d), as shown.

    * You can adjust the strength of vacuum holding paper against the Platen when the Release Lever is up. If it is difficult to load paper, press the or button on the Control Panel to adjust the strength. Increase the vacuum by pressing the button or decrease it with the button. Three levels are available.
  7. Lower the Release Lever and close the Top Cover .



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