Customizing preferences in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x

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Customizing preferences in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x


Customizing preferences in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x

ZoomBrowser EX provides preference settings that you can customize.

Opening the Preferences dialog box

Click the [Tools] menu and select [Preferences] to open the Preferences dialog. To change a setting, click the appropriate tab in this window.

Once [Preferences] is selected the following window will appear:

General Tab

This tab sets the way the tiny version of the images (thumbnail) is handled in the Browser Area, adjusts the zoom behavior, sets the color management, the maximum scroll folder depth, and toggles warnings for when the filter tool is used, and when "To Do" marked images are aquired.


  • Toggles the selection type between Windows standard selection and Toggle selection.

  • Task selection allows you to always select images inside of a task rather than requiring you to select the images prior to the task.


  • Toggles the option to Rotate the original image there by saving the image as rotated or to just save information with the file that will allow ZoomBrowser to display the image rotated without affecting the original image.

  • Toggles between allowing the image to be scaled to the paper size and printed with trimming or to prevent trimming including the entire image in the print regardless of the aspect ration difference.

Shooting Information

  • Toggles what shooting information will show in the image properties when they are displayed.


  • Allows you to change the color display themes ZoomBrowser uses to change the colors of the toolbars, menus and various windows.



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