Clean The Paper Feed Rollers iP3500

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Clean The Paper Feed Rollers iP3500


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How to clean the paper feed rollers

If the paper feed roller is dirty with dust, paper cannot feed smoothly.

Cleaning the paper feed roller could resolve your printing problem.

Note: Since cleaning the paper feed rollers causes wear on the rollers, perform this procedure only when necessary.

Rear Tray (Top)

  1. Ensure that the printer is turned on. If any paper is loaded in the printer, remove it.

  2. Hold down the <Resume/Cancel> button; when the Power lamp flashes green three times, release the button. The paper feed roller will rotate as it cleans itself.

  3. Repeat step 2 twice.

  4. Load three or more of A4 or Letter sized plain paper in the rear tray.

  5. Repeat step 2. The paper that is loaded in the printer will be fed through the printer and ejected.

  6. If printing problems persist, repeat step 4 up to three times.

    Note: If repeating this procedure three times or more does not solve the problem, a printer service error may have occurred. Please contact your local Service Center or Call the Customer Contact Center for repair.

Front Tray

  1. Turn off the printer.

  2. Load five or more A4 or Letter sized plain paper in the front tray.

  3. Push the rear cover tab to the right and pull out the rear cover.

  4. Perform the paper feed roller cleaning by following the procedure below.

    Note: When cleaning the paper feed roller, do not touch the areas indicated in the red circles below.

    4-1. Wipe off the dirt with a cotton swab or the like.

    4-2. Using your finger, rotate the paper feed roller toward you.

    Note: As you rotate the paper feed roller, the papers loaded in the front feeder will be gradually ejected. Remove the paper(s) that is ejected. If you run out of paper while cleaning, reload paper.

    4-3. Repeat step 4 until the paper feed roller rotates 360-degree.

    Note: .If the dirt is not removed easily, repeat step 4 with a damp cotton swab.

  5. Insert the protrusions of the rear cover into the slots at the rear of the printer and press the tab to attach the rear cover.



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