Explanation of Face Detection technology.

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Explanation of Face Detection technology.


Face Detection technology.

Face Detection technology is a selectable focusing mode with this model of PowerShot camera. Capturing the people in your life is one of the best reasons for owning a camera, and Canon's Face Detection Technology is the easiest way to make those shots shine. With focus, exposure and flash set automatically, you're free to compose a group, capture an unguarded moment, or coax the perfect smile.

Canon's Face Detection Technology is a function built into PowerShot digital cameras that are equipped with a DIGIC III Image Processor. This proprietary technology is so quick and powerful that it can identify and track multiple human faces simultaneously.

Canon's Face Detection Technology not only keeps faces sharp, it also exposes them properly for better quality pictures. By combining Face Detection with Canon's unique iSAPS intelligent scene analysis algorithm, PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC III increase camera performance and responsiveness, so you'll have a better chance of capturing the picture you want, whenever you want it.

On select models, Face Detection Technology ensures sharp focus and accurate exposure even in movie mode as faces are tracked as they move. Face Detection AF/AE controls focus and exposure for the best possible images you can take.

Face Detection is selectable through the camera's menu as an Auto Focus or AF mode.



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