Replacing the print head (iPF710)

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Replacing the print head (iPF710)

Do not touch the Printhead immediately after printing. The Printhead becomes extremely hot, and there is a risk of burns.

  1. Press the Menu button to display MAIN MENU.
  2. Press or to select Maintenance, and then press the button.
  3. Press or to select Replace P.head, and then press the button.
  4. Press or to select Yes, and then press the OK button.
    Ink is now filled.
    After about three minutes, a message is shown on the Display Screen instructing you to open the Top Cover.
  5. Open the Top Cover.

    Instructions are now shown on the Display Screen regarding Print head replacement.
  6. Lift the Carriage Cover to open it fully.
  7. Pull the Printhead Fixer Lever forward all the way to open it completely.
  8. Pull up the Print head Fixer Cover to open it completely.
  9. Remove the used Print head .
  10. Holding the new Print head by the grips (a), remove it from the case.
  11. While firmly holding the Print head you have removed, use your other hand to remove the orange Safety Cap 1 (a). Squeeze the grips (c) of Safety Cap 2 (b) and pull it down to remove it.
  12. With the nozzles facing down and the metal contacts toward the back, insert the Print head into the Carriage . Making sure that the metal contacts do not touch the Carriage , carefully push the print head firmly into the carriage.
  13. Pull the Print head Fixer Cover down toward the front to lock the Print head in place.
  14. Push the Print head Fixer Lever toward the back of the printer until it clicks.
  15. Push the Carriage Cover forward until it clicks.
  16. Close the Top Cover.

    Ink now fills the system.



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