Information about 24P video output from the HV20 and VIXIA HV30 camcorders

Article ID: ART119540 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Information about 24P video output from the HV20 and VIXIA HV30 camcorders


In the USA as well as many other countries the Canon HV20 as well as the Canon VIXIA HV30 offer a selectable shooting mode which uses true 24 Frame progressive shooting to give your video a more cinematic look. These frames of video are recorded onto the tape or output via the HDMI, IEEE1394 or composite terminals by adding a "2:3 pull-down" to convert the 24 Frames in 30 Frames to be compatible with Televisions and monitors. This is the same industry standard system used to show "Hollywood" movies on Television.

Most consumer software packages are capable of editing this video in the same way as any other DV or HDV video. However some high end customers have requested the ability to import the video into professional video editing suites and applying a 2:3 pulldown to the footage which allows the individual 24 Frames to be extracted.

In HDV (one of the many recording formats of HD video), Canon uses 2 systems of recording 24 Frame video. In our Pro 3 CCD products when you are using the 24 Frame mode, we record the 24 Frames directly to HDV tape (there is no 2:3 pulldown). This means that when you import the footage to an editing system, the footage is already 24 Frames and can be placed directly on a 24 Frame timeline. This is true for 24F recording. The other system applies a 2:3 pulldown to the 24P video and records it as 30 Frame on the HDV tape. We use this system in our consumer class camcorders.

Since these Canon models are consumer class camcorders they do not include a feature to record 24 Frame video directly to HDV tape. By not including this feature, frame extraction is somewhat more difficult, requiring that the editor manually identify the 2:3 pulldown, then the editing program can extract the 24 Frame video. This process varies from one editing program to the other and may not be available on all programs.



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