Procedure for unfinalizing the DVD on a DC100 DVD camcorder

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Procedure for unfinalizing the DVD on a DC100 DVD camcorder


Recording Additional Movies on a Finalized Disc

Recording additional scenes on a disc already finalized can be done only with DVD-RW discs. A finalized DVD-RW in VIDEO mode can be unfinalized to allow recording additional scenes and other limited editing options. With a DVD-RW recorded in VR mode you can record additional scenes without the need to unfinalize it. DVD-R discs cannot be unfinalized.

This option is only available with DVD-RW discs in VIDEO mode.
  • When unfinalizing a disc, always power the camcorder directly from a power outlet. The unfinalization process cannot be started if the camcorder is powered only with the battery pack.
  • Do not disconnect the power adapter while the disc finalization is in progress. Doing so can interrupt the process and result in lost data.
  • Only discs that were finalized using this camcorder can be unfinalized with this camcorder.

Restrictions after Disc Finalization


Disc Can Be Unfinalized

DVD-R in VIDEO mode


DVD-RW in VIDEO mode


DVD-RW in VR mode

You do not need to unfinalize the disc to record additional scenes.

Unfinalizing the disc

  1. Set the camcorder either to record or play movies or to record or view still images on the disc (,, /or /).

  2. Press the <MENU> button.

  3. Use the joystick (,) to select the [DISC OPERATIONS] menu and then select the [UNFINALIZE] option.

  4. Select [YES] and press () to start the disc unfinalization.
    - Select [NO] and press () to cancel the operation and return to the menu.
    - Avoid moving the camcorder while the disc unfinalization in is progress.

  5. Press the <MENU> button to close the menu.



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