Paper size not detected. (iPF8000S/iPF9000S/iPF8100/iPF9100)

Article ID: ART119759 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 04/11/2019


Paper size not detected. (iPF8000S/iPF9000S/iPF8100/iPF9100)



  • Paper has been loaded askew, or warped paper has been loaded.

Corrective Action

Reload paper straight, in the correct position.  Hold the roll edge as you gently pull it evenly to the position of the Ejection Guide (a) using the both hands. Align the right side of the roll paper with the Paper Alignment Line (b) so that the paper side is parallel to the line and lower the Release Lever.


  • Remove the Roll Holder , insert the roll on the Roll Holder firmly until it reaches the flange, and load the Roll Holder in the printer again.



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