What the error warning messages mean in stopped-down photography.

Article ID: ART119972 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


What the error warning messages mean in stopped-down photography.


If the stop-down lever of the camera is locked in before you mount the lens. If you exposure a frame in this situation, it will be incorrectly exposed due to incorrect coupling of the aperture ring. To prevent this before you mount a lens , make sure there is no red dot beside the stop-down coupling lever inside the camera body Second possible problem arises if you push in the camera's stop-down lever and before taking a shot, release the stop-down lever and return the lens aperture ring to the "A" mark. If you then try to press the shutter button, you will notice that neither it no the film advance lever will operate. What's more this is when the "EEEE EE" mark will flash in the viewfinder whether the viewfinder display switch is turned off or not. This is simply corrected by pushing the film advance lever into it retracted position close to the camera body. The multiple exposure lever is underneath. Push it to the left. Now turn the film advance lever.



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