A1 : How to set the self-timer.

Article ID: ART119974 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


A1 : How to set the self-timer.


The self-timer allows you to select from either a 2 second or a 10 second delay.

To use the self-timer, make sure the film is wound and the shutter speed is not set to "B". If the film is not wound the self timer will act but the shutter will not. The self-timer will not function normally at "B".

Set the camera to either 2 or 10 seconds, focus and compose your picture. You may press the exposure preview switch to check the exposure. However, remember that since the A-1 is designed to reflect any last second changes in exposure when in an AE mode. Close the eyepiece shutter so that no light comes through the eyepiece to affect the exposure. Now press the shutter button and run into place if your purpose is to include yourself in the picture.

If you wish to cancel the self-timer before the shutter release, either switch the main switch to the "L" position or press the battery check button



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