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Instructions to load envelopes correctly.


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Loading Envelopes

Preparation for Printing

Note: Envelopes can only be fed from the Rear Tray (top). Attempting to print envelopes from the Front Tray may cause paper jams or other damage.

1. Press down on all four corners and edges of the envelopes to flatten them as shown below.

2. If the envelopes are curled, hold the opposite corners and gently bend them in the opposite direction. Ensure that the flap of the envelope is perfectly straight.

3. If the leading edge of an envelope is puffed up or curled, use a pen to press the envelope flat and sharpen the crease. Press the envelope completely flat, working from the middle to the edge.

* The above illustrations show a side view of the leading edge of the envelope.

The envelopes may jam in the printer if they are not completely flat or the edges are not aligned.
Ensure that no curl or puff exceeds 5 mm (0.2 inches).

Unsuitable Envelopes

  • Envelopes with an embossed or treated surface
  • Envelopes with a double flap or pressure seals
  • Envelopes with sticker flaps


Rear Tray

  1. Retract the Paper Support on the top of the Rear Tray. Envelopes may not be fed properly if the Paper Support is extended.

  2. Load the envelopes.

    (A) Printing orientation

    (B) Make sure the flaps are folded underneath the envelope.

    (1) Load the envelope against the Cover Guide (the right side of the Paper Support). Load with the address side facing UP and the rear flaps DOWN on the left. Up to 10 envelopes can be loaded at once.

    Note: Make sure the Cover Guide is set upright, when you load paper in the Rear Tray.

    (2) Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it against the left side of the envelope.

    (3) Set the Paper Thickness Lever to the right.

Note: If the envelopes do not feed properly, even after removing curl, clean the Paper Feed Roller

Specify the settings in the printer driver.

  1. Select Envelope in Media Type.

  2. Select the size for envelopes.
    In Windows, select 'DL Env.' or 'Comm. Env. #10' in Page Size of the Page Setup tab.
    In Macintosh, select 'DL Envelope' or '#10 Envelope' in Paper Size of the Page Setup dialogue box.

  3. Select 'Landscape' as the 'Orientation'.



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