Sure Shot AF35M : Built-in flash ranges will vary, see chart.

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Built-in flash ranges will vary, see chart.


Switch to flash photography at the following times:

  1. If the red camera shake warning lamp appears on the left in the viewfinder when you press the shutter button halfway. In this case the flash will prevent the photo from being blurred and underexposed.
  2. If the sun or a lamp is behind you subject
  3. If there is a bright window at your subject's back
  4. If your subject is in shadow

Push the flash switch towards the lightning bolt symbol. The built-in flash will pop up

Look into the viewfinder and compose the picture as you would for normal photography. Make sure the subject is within the auto flash shooting range. Wait for the flash ready-lamp to glow and press the shutter button
  • Do not press the shutter button halfway continuously while waiting for the ready-lamp to glow or he flash will not charge.

Flash Range

90cm to 5m / 35.4 inches to 16.4ft with ISO 100

90cm to 4m / 35.4 inches to 13.1fr with ISO 64



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