Sure Shot Sprint / Sprint Quartz Date : How to use the built-in flash.

Article ID: ART120356 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to use the built-in flash.


If the red lamp in the viewfinder blinks when the shutter button is pressed halfway down, switch to flash photography

  1. Pull the flash head out in the direction of the arrow and align it with the index.
  2. Wait for the flash ready lamp to light
  3. Look through the viewfinder and align the autofocus spot with the subject then press the shutter button all the way down to take the picture.
  4. After the exposure is complete, always push the flash head back in.

Flash Range ISO 100 film: 0.95m ~ 4m / 3.1ft ~ 13.1ft

ISO 400 film: 0.95m ~ 8m / 3.1ft ~ 26.3ft

  • Do not press the shutter button before the flash ready lamp has cone on or the picture will be underexposed (dark)
  • The flash ready lamp will not light up if you are holding the shutter button halfway down
  • If the shutter button is pressed halfway down after the flash ready lamp has lighted, the red viewfinder lamp will blink, but the exposure will still be correct.



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