Canonet QL17 : How to check the exposure indicator.

Article ID: ART120408 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to adjust the exposure.


When the camera is directed towards the subject the needle will swing according to the strength of light, indicating the conditions for photographing. For obtaining the proper exposure, make adjustments according to the diagrams below before taking the picture

  • When the needle does not point to the correct exposure, although the shutter ring is fully turned, it indicates that the subject is either too bright or too dark, beyond the limits of the exposure meter. Taking of the pictures under such a condition is not recommended.
  • As the shutter ring has two arrow marks, turn the shutter ring so that adjustment can be made in the director of the arrow where the needle of the viewfinder stays.
  • In the proper exposure range the intermediate points of the aperture stops indicate f/2.8 and 11, in the cases of the QL17 and QL19 and f/11 in the case of the QL25
  • If the film advance lever is not fully wound, the shutter will not click although the shutter button is pressed.
  • When the background is excessively bright compared to the main subject or when taking pictures against the light, there is always the possibility that the main subject is under-exposed. Picture may be taken by lowering the film speed index by one stop. For instance by setting the film speed at ASA 50 in the case ASA 100. This procedure should be regarded as an exception. As soon as the picture is taken the film speed index should be returned to its original position. Incase even this step is not applicable, switch the aperture setting to manual



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