Loading paper in the MX700 rear tray

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Loading paper in the printer's rear tray


Loading Printing Paper

Loading Paper


Load A4, Letter, or Legal-sized plain paper when receiving faxes.

If you cut plain paper to 4" x 6" / 101.6 x 152.4 mm, 5" x 7" / 127.0 x 177.8 mm, or 2.13" x 3.39" / 54.0 x 86.0 mm (credit card-size) for a trial print, it can cause paper jams.

You cannot print on postcards affixed with photos or stickers.

Always load paper in portrait orientation (A). Loading paper in landscape orientation (B) can cause the paper to be jammed.


We recommend using genuine Canon photo media when printing photographs.

1. Flatten the four corners of the paper before loading it.


Align the edges of paper neatly before loading. Loading paper without aligning the edges may cause paper jams.

If paper is curled, hold the opposing curled corners and gently bend them in the opposite direction until the paper becomes completely flat.

To avoid curling, handle paper as follows.

- Put unused paper back into the package and keep them on a level surface.

- Take out only the necessary number of sheets from the package, just before printing.

2. Prepare to load paper.

(1) Open the Rear Tray and pull out the Paper Support.

Put your finger in the rounded indent of the Paper Support and pull it out until it stops.

(2) Open the Paper Output Tray.

(3) Extend the Output Tray Extension.

(4) Press the Feed Switch so that the Rear Tray lamp (A) lights.

NOTE: To print out received faxes, the machine uses the Front Tray by default, regardless of the source selected by the Feed Switch button. The paper source used to print out faxes can be specified in the FAX paper source setting in the Operation Panel.

3. Load the paper.

* Do not load higher than the Load Limit Mark (A).

(1) Load the paper in the Rear Tray with the print side facing UP.

(2) Align the paper stack against the Cover Guide on the right side of the Paper Support.

Note : Make sure that the Cover Guide is set upright when you load paper in the Rear Tray.

(3) Slide the Paper Guide against the left side of the paper stack.

4. Specify the page size and media type settings according to the loaded paper.


When performing copy direct printing without using a computer, select the size and type of the loaded paper using the Operation Panel.

When using the machine connected to a computer, select the size and type of the loaded paper in Page Size (or Paper Size) and Media Type in the printer driver.

Changing the paper source in FAX mode
  1. Press the <FAX> button.

  2. Press the <Settings> button. The FAX settings screen is displayed.

  3. Press the up or down button to select [Feed switch].

  4. Press the left or right button to select from the following options: Front tray, Rear tray, or Auto feed switch.

    NOTE: When Auto feed switch is selected, paper feeds from the paper source specified by the Feed Switch button. If there is no paper in the specified paper source, the machine automatically switches to the other paper source.

  5. Press the <Settings> button. The LCD returns to the FAX standby screen.



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