Scan Multiple Pages to One PDF With MP Navigator EX

Article ID: ART120556 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 02/18/2020


Use the MP Navigator EX app on your scanner to scan multiple pages to a single PDF file.


MP Navigator EX is an application that lets you easily scan photos, documents and film.

This article details how to scan several items and save them to one PDF file.

About PDF scans

  • Keep in mind that the quality of your scan is impacted by the quality of the original item.

  • If you want to be able to convert scanned text into data you can edit, use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) dialog box.

  • To scan a text document, or black and white document, set the Scan Mode to Black and White or Grayscale.

  • It's best to limit the number of pages in a PDF file to 20 or less when scanning a color document with Image Quality set to 300 dpi and Letter size.

Scan and save to a PDF file

  1. Select PDF from the One-click Mode screen to open the PDF dialog box.

    PDF dialog box selected on far right of one-select menu

  2. From the first drop-down, select the type of document you want to scan. You must choose the document type that matches what you will scan.

    Figure shows PDF dialog box

    Figure shows document selected from document type list. Other choices are Photo or Magazine

  3. Select the file type you want to use to save the scanned image. To save more than one item to a file, select PDF(Multiple Pages).
    Note Select the Set button to set the PDF compression type, or to apply other advanced settings to the file.

    Figure shows PDF (Multiple pages) select from Save as type dropdown
  4. Place the first original on the scanner and Select Scan.

    Figure shows scan button

  5. When the scan completes, place the next document on the scanner and select Scan again. Repeat as necessary until all items scan.

    Scan completed. Click Exit to end, or Scan to scan an additional item

  6. After all scans complete, select Exit. The app program that displays PDF files will open to your newly scanned file.

    Scan completed select Exit to quit the program



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