480EG : How to attach the flash to my camera.

Article ID: ART120582 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to attach the flash to my camera.


  1. Fasten the Camera Attachment Screw tightly so that the camera is parallel to Bracket EG
  2. Loosen the 2 mounting screws of Clamp EG with a screwdriver. Raise or lower Clamp EG as you like and fasten it to the grip so that the lens and the flash optical axes are at the same angle.
3. When mounting the flash unit on the camera, align the white bar on Bracket Lock Knob with the white mark (O) on the Clamp EG and press in until you hear a click. Then adjust the camera and flash to the same angle and while inserting Bracket EG into Clamp EG, turn the lock knob in the direction of the arrow to fasten it

4. When removing Bracket EG, turn the Bracket Lock Knob in the direction of the arrow unit the white marks are aligned

5. Remove Bracket EG from Clamp EG while pressing in the Bracket Release Button



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