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Instructions how to make copies without using the computer.


Using the Copy Function Directly From The Printer

Instructions how to make copies without using the computer.

  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on and press then open the paper output tray.

  2. Load paper in the rear tray with the short-side down and print side facing up.

  3. Load a document on the platen glass or in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).

    - Do not load thick paper such as a photograph in the ADF as it will cause a paper jam.
    - If you copy legal-size documents, make sure to load them in the ADF.

    Platen Glass:

    Regardless of the document size, set it in the landscape orientation.

    a. Place the copying face down on the platen glass.

    b. Align the document with the alignment mark (shown as the arrow) on the lower right corner of the platen glass.

    Note: The machine cannot scan the area approximately 2 mm from the back edge of the platen glass and 2 mm from the left edge.

    < 1 > Alignment Mark

    Close the document cover gently.


    - Set a document on the platen glass if you want to scan it at optimum quality.
    - When a document is set in the ADF, 0.04" /1 mm from the leading edge of the document (the part that is first scanned) will not be scanned.

    . Remove any documents from the platen glass.

    b. Open the document tray.

    c. Load the document in the ADF with the side you want to copy face up. If it is loaded correctly, you will hear a beeping sound.

    Note: When the ALARM VOLUME in AUDIBLE TONES is off, it does not sound.

    d. Align the document guides to sides of the document.

  4. Confirm that the printer is in Copy mode. If the printer is not in Copy mode, press the <COPY> button to switch into Copy mode.

  5. Confirm the copy settings displayed on the LCD.

    a. If you want to change the page size or media type, press the Settings button.

    b. Use the right/left cursor button to specify the number of copies.

  6. Press the <Color> button for color copying, or the <Black> button for black & white copying. (The printer starts copying.)

    Note: To cancel copying, press the <Stop/Reset> button.



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