Speedlite 480EG : How to set the Manual Flash Shooting mode on the Speedlite.

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How to set the Manual Flash Shooting mode on the Speedlite?


In situations where flash exposure control shooting is not suitable, or when you want to add a touch of personal style to you photography, shoot with manual flash control.

The 480EG can be set manually to three flash power levels: FULL power, 1/4 power and 1/16 power.

Use the Synchro Cord 480. The TTL Shoe Cord E cannot be used for manual flash shooting.

  1. Set the MANUAL / AUTO Selector to the MANUAL position
  2. Set the film speed mark to the appropriate film speed (ISO) in the ISO Film Speed Display Window.
  3. Set the manual flash power level using the Manual Flash Output Level Selector. The guide number for the film speed you are using appears in the G.N. Display Window. Use only setting indicated by the white marks. If you use a setting between the white marks, the correct flash exposure cannot be set.
  4. Select M (Manual) mode on your camera and set the desired shutter speed (from maximum flash-synchronized shutter speed to 30 seconds or Bulb) Maximum flash-synchronized shutter speed varies according to the camera. Refer to your camera's instruction manual.
  5. When focusing is complete, read the distance scale on the lens or judge by eye to determine the flash to subject distance
  6. Set the aperture value on the camera based on the following guide number calculation:

Aperture Value = Guide Number (Gn) / flash to subject distance

  • Be sure to use the same units (meters or feet) for guide numbers as well as flash to subject distance
  • Immediately after the pilot lamp lights, the batteries are not fully charged so open the aperture by 1/2 or 1 extra stop
  • The guide number caries according to film speed and also if the Wide Panel or Tele Panel is used
  • Do not take more than 20 full power flashes in succession



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