Loading a disc into the HR10 DVD camcorder

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Loading a disc into the HR10 DVD camcorder


Loading a Disc

Use only Mini DVD (8 cm / 3 in.) discs marked with the DVD-R/RW logo . Use a soft lens-cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints, dirt buildup or smudges from the disc surface.
  1. Turn on the camcorder (CAMERA or PLAY).
  2. Push the <OPEN> button and gently open the disc cover fully until it stops.
    Retract the grip belt under the camcorder so it will not get in the way of the disc cover.
  3. Insert the disc with the label side facing out and press its center firmly until it clicks in place.
  4. Close the disc cover.
    Do not force the cover closed if the disc is not correctly inserted and firmly set in place.

You need to initialize new discs before you can start recording. The disc initialization screen will appear when a new disc is first inserted if the / switch is set to (Movies).

When using a DVD-RW in Standard Definition mode:
You need to format the disc before you can start recording. The Disc Format screen will appear when a DVD-RW is first inserted.

  1. Use the joystick (,) to select the disc specification desired and press () to make the selection. For a comparison between the specifications "VIDEO" and "VR" see below.
  2. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Use the joystick (,) to choose [YES] and press () to start formatting the disc.
  3. Avoid moving the camcorder while the disc formatting is in progress.

DVD discs come in various types and in two sizes- the more common 12cm (5in.) and 8cm (3in.) MiniDVD's. This camcorder uses 8cm (3in.) DVD-R discs like the one supplied in the box or DVD-RW discs (not included).

Can be recorded only once.
You cannot edit or delete the recordings.

You can record on it many times.
You can delete scenes or initialize the disc and start recording again.

VIDEO mode (DVD-R and DVD-RW discs)

Once finalized, a disc recorded in VIDEO mode will play in most common DVD players. However, you cannont edit the recordings.

VR mode (DVD-RW only)

You can easily edit the recordings. However, you will only be able to play the disc with DVD-RW compatible players.

  • Recommended Discs: The camcorder's performance was tested with single-layered discs using Hitachi-Maxell HG series DVD discs; and with dual-layered discs using Canon DVD-R DL54 discs and Verbatim DVD-R DL discs. For further details, contact directly the manufacturer's customer support center. Note that attempting to record or play with this camcorder DVD discs that were recorded, initialized or finalized with other digital devices can result in permanently losing the recordings. For the highest compatibility with external DVD devices we recommend using the VIDEO mode.



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