EF : How to use stopped-down metering

Article ID: ART120731 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to use stopped-down metering


When you use Canon FL lenses or interpose bellows units, extension tubes etc. between the lens (either FL or FD lens) and the camera, it is necessary to take a stopped-down meter reading.

First, operate the winding lever to cock the shutter. Unlock the aperture ring from the "A" mark and push the multi-purpose lever in toward the lens until it stops. The method then is not to check that the needle on the right of the viewfinder screen is in the white part of the scale, but to bring the needle by operation of the aperture and/or shutter speed control to the center of the index mark in the viewfinder. Release the multi-purpose lever and press the shutter button to take a perfectly exposed photograph
  • During stopped-down metering at small apertures, it is very difficult to focus properly, because depth-of-field is very deep and the viewfinder screen is dark. Therefore, focus first before taking a stopped-down reading
  • Stopped-down metering should not be used with FD lenses (except in the case of interposing accessories such as bellows units between the lens and the camera) since the Canon EF and its FD lenses are designed for automatic exposure with light measurement done at the maximum aperture



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