EF : How to unload a roll of film.

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How to unload a roll of film.


The rewinding lever will stop suddenly before the end of its stroke when you have reached the end of the roll of film. Don't try to complete the stroke as the film sprocket holes may be torn. To rewind the film, push in the rewind button located on the bottom of the camera. Next fold out the crank from the rewind knob and turn it in the direction of the small arrow until you feel the tension in the film lessen. This indicates that the film has left the multi-slot take-up spool. Turn the rewind crank one or two more revolutions to completely rewind the top of the film leader back into the cartridge. The pull up the rewind knob to open the camera back and lift out the cartridge.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when unloading the film
  • Keep your exposed cartridges in a cool dray and shady place and have them processed as soon as possible
  • Do not leave the same roll of film in your camera for months on end, since black and white film may become fogged and color film may experience a definite color-shift



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