How to set Custom Functions?-Elph Z3

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How doset Custom Functions?-Elph Z3


Setting Custom Functions

Set the camera to Custom Function setting mode

  • Close the lens cover to switch the camera off
  • Hold down the button and press the CF 1-0 appears on the LCD panel

Select a Function

  • The selected function changes each time you press the button

Set the function

Press the button to change the setting display to 1 (function enabled)

Press the button again to change the setting to 0 (function disabled)

Turning the power on completes the setting.

The Custom Functions were all set to zero (0) at the factory

The Custom Function settings are retained even when you switch the camera off and on, replace the film cartridge or replace the battery

Custom Function


Effects with Function set to 1

Real-time Release


Release the shutter immediately when you press the shutter button halfway down and press it fully. Useful for situations where you need an instant camera response (p-28)

Flash Mode Memory


Stores the flash mode in memory immediately before the camera is switched off. Useful when you always want to set the flash to a particular mode (p-21)

Automatic Film Rewind


Useful for situations where you do not want the sudden sound of the film rewinding. When you have reached the end of the roll, "0" on the frame counter and blink. Press the button to start the rewinding (p-12)

Center-point AF


A Convenient function for when you want the subject of your shot to be off center (p-24) or when you want to focus definitely on the subject. The subject must be positioned in the center of the AF frame.

Continuous Shooting


While the shutter button is pressed, you can take approximately 0.8 continuous shots per second




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