580EX II Speedlite : How to set Flash Exposure Lock (FEL) on the flash.

Article ID: ART121053 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to set Flash Exposure Lock (FEL) on the flash.


FE (Flash Exposure) Lock locks the correct flash exposure setting part of the scene.

With ETTL displayed on the LCD panel, you press the camera's FEL button. If the camera does not have the FEL button, press the * button

Focus on the subject

Press the FEL button

  • Aim the subject at the center of the viewfinder and press the FEL button
  • The Speedlite will fire a preflash and the required flash output for the subject is retained in memory
  • FEL will be displayed in the viewfinder for 0.5 sec.
  • Each time you press the FEL button a preflash will be fired and a new flash exposure setting will be locked



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