580EX II Speedlite : How to set and use wireless flash with three receiver groups.

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How to set and use wireless flash with three receiver groups.


Wireless Flash with Three receiver Groups

You can have receiver groups A and B and also add receiver groups C. Your can use receiver groups A and B to obtain the standard flash exposure of the subject and receiver group C to illuminate the background to eliminate shadows.

  1. Set the receiver units
  • Set the receiver unit's ID to <A>, <B>, <C>
  • For receiver <C>, also set the exposure compensation as necessary

2. Set the wireless mode to <sender>

4. Disable the sender units flash firing

5. Press the button so that <RATIO> blinks
6. Select the flash , turn the dial to select <A:B:C> then press the button
7. Set the flash ratio, turn the dial to set the flash ratio

8. Set the camera and shoot, set the camera in the same way as with normal flash shooting.

  • With the EOS ELAN II / ELAN II E / 50 / 50E, EOS REBEL G/500N, EOS IX, EOS IX LITE/IX7, EOS REBEL 2000/300 and REBEL XS N/REBEL G II/EOS 3000N/66, the flash ratio cannot be set with multiple Speedlites
  • The flash ratio range of 8:1 ~ 1:1 ~ 1:8 is equivalent to 3:1 ~ 1:1 ~ 1:3 in stops (1/2-stop increments)
  • The flash ratio under the mark is shown in parentheses below the scale

  • If <RATIO A:B> is set, the receiver unit in receiver group <C> will not fire
  • If you point the receiver unit in receiver group <C> toward the subject, the subject will be over exposed




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